An incredible nite

August 17, 2008

Currently, I’m single. 

There is one guy that I’ve been playing around with on  a pretty regular basis, Mac.  He’s a blast.  And he’s super pervy.  I’ve finally met my match in the bedroom. It’s delicious.   Just sex, no strings, no jealousy.  It’s a nifty little arrangement. 

Last week, after much talking about it, we invited another guy into bed with us.   This was a first for me.  I’ve had many threesomes, but they were all with another woman and a man.  

Mac asked me if I was interested in a MMF threesome in his first email to me.  I’d never been involved with a guy that was into seeing me with another man and I was always more than happy to be with a man and a a women.  He got me thinking, tho… how much would I LOVE having a cock in my pussy AND in my mouth?  A LOT!! 

We met our third, Nick, at a bar for a few drinks, then headed back to my place.  Mac always looks so pleased and a little surprised when he realizes that something interesting is going to happen.  He’s like a kid at Christmas. 

He asked me what I wanted to happen first ~

“I’m going to kiss him and I want you to come up behind me, kiss my neck, press against me, put your big hand in my thong and rub my clit.”


“Might as well get started right.  And remember… You’re both here to spoil me.” 

And that’s how it started, with me between the two of them.  Kissing and being kissed.  Hands all over me ~ Mac’s aggressive and confident, Nick’s tentative and a little shy.  I felt deliciously sexy.  The anticipation of how the evening was going to play out was making me a little crazy.  I was going to be worshipped and I knew it. 

As we started, I wondered what I was thinking when I’d told Mac that it was too soon for more than one other man in bed with us.  In that first moment, between them, I wanted as many hands and tongues on me as possible.

My clothes came off quickly.  My nipples were sucked and nibbled while Mac buried his face in my pussy, moving my orgasm balls slowly inside me.  It was heaven.

I put Nick on the couch and took off his pants.  He had a beautiful cock.  I love giving head.  Love it.  I can worship cock endlessly.  I adore everything about it… the feel, the taste, the smell, being that intimate with someone, the moans and the gasps and the look on the mans face.  I ran my tongue up his shaft, around the head of his cock and plunged him into my wet mouth.  What better way to make him feel comfortable with us?  He lifted his hips a little and pressed into me further.  Mac fingered and licked my ass.   This went on for a little while.  We were all getting antsy for more. 

“I think we better get in bed.” 

Mac slowly slid my orgasm balls out of me and his fingers in.  His thumb massaged my clit.  “Who’s cock do you want first, baby?””

“His.  I want him to fuck me hard with your cock in my mouth.”

Up the stairs we went. 

Mac laid down on the bed, stroking his cock, watching me with Nick.  He was kissing me and playing with my tits, squeezing them hard.  We tumbled into bed and I closed my eyes, not wondering who’s hands or tongues were who’s or what they were going to do next.  My pussy got eaten until I started cumming wildly.  “FUCK ME!  FUCK ME NOW!!!!” 

Nick flipped me over on my hands and knees and quickly slid his hard cock into me.  I kissed Mac then started giving him head.  Sometimes I think that if Mac had his way, my mouth would be permanently attached to his penis.  Really.  Before long, Nick was fucking me so hard, I could barely keep Mac’s cock in my mouth. I wanted to have sex like this all of the time.  Every day of my life. 

“Do you like that, baby?”

“Oh, fuck yes.”

“Do you want us both to fuck you like that?”

“Uh-huh” I moaned.  “OH GOD!!!!!!”  I came again.  This time I could tell that it was the beginning of one of those wonderful orgasms that doesn’t end so much as subside, then strengthen over and over again. 

Nick pulled out of me and rolled me over on my back.  Immediately Mac started fucking me like mad.  I kept cumming.  Nick jerked off next to me and I licked his cock.  “I want this cock in my ass.  I want you both inside me.”

I climbed on top of Mac.  Riding his cock is one of my favorite things in the world… especially when he has a wicked look in his eyes, which he did.  Nick lubed up and slowly slid his dick in my ass.  Pure ecstasy.  Totally filled.  Being pounded from above and rocked from below.  Hands grabbing my ass and my chest.  Cumming and cumming and cumming.  Mac finally moaned that he was about to cum.  Nick asked if he could cum on me.  In one beautiful moment, all three of us orgasmed.  Mac pressed up into me as far as he could, shuddered below me and his eyes rolled back in his head.  My entire body shook violently and I screamed.  Nick shot his cum all over my back.  And we collapsed in a pile on the bed.

“Are you happy baby?”

“Oh my… I’ve never been so well fucked in my entire life.”  And I meant it.  I’m certain that I had a goofy grin on my face. 

We took a short break.  Now this part is always interesting.  Sometimes just one round makes everyone happy (one round never makes *me* happy, but hey, not everyone is me), but when everyone’s game for more, break time is when I start scheming to surprise my partner somehow.  While Mac was refreshing our drinks, I asked Nick if he’d ever fisted a woman ~ and he had. 

Now, you have to understand that Mac introduced me to the whole fisting concept the first time that we got naked.  We weren’t successful, but since then I’m totally obsessed with it.  Mac has REALLY big hands and lets face it, at first it’s going to be difficult to get anyone’s fist inside you, but a REALLY BIG one?  We’ve been working on it and getting closer, but he knows how much I want the whole thing… and I know how much he wants it, too.

When we got back to bed, Mac had a surprise of his own for me.  While I was kneeling over Nick, giving him head, Mac smacked my ass hard with a wooden spatula.   My ass was made for spanking and whipping and abusing and the harder, the better.  He smacked me over and over and over.  Then he and Nick swapped positions and Nick had his turn turning my ass cherry red.  I was so turned on, I could barley stand it.  “Mac, spank my pussy.  Make me cum.” I begged.  And he did.  Nick held my legs apart, while Mac spanked my pussy with his big hand.  After twenty or so licks, he hit my clit just right and lost all control of myself. 

“Jesus.  I’ve never seen a girl cum from having her pussy spanked.” 

I don’t know what came over me then.  I really don’t.  I had to have both of their cocks in my mouth.  I was horny, red assed, delirious from mind blowing orgasms and feeling totally slutty.  I NEEDED to suck them both off.  So, I did.  First one at a time, back and forth, then they both shoved their cocks in my mouth at the same time.  Two cocks in my mouth at the same time.  I’ve never felt more delitefully whorish in my whole life.  Eventually, I made them both cum.  Nick came on my tits and Mac came in my mouth, then shot a little on Nicks dick and I licked it off.  For two straight guys, they were wonderfully comfortable with the whole thing.  I couldn’t have been luckier… two really cool guys just looking to make me happy. 

We laid in bed, me in the middle.  They were both massaging me and kissing me.  I was still a bit like a crazed animal, wanting more and more and more.  I whispered in Nick’s ear “Do it now.”  He grabbed the lube and started fingering me.  Mac and I were kissing.  I could feel that Nick was four fingers in and he asked me if I was alright.  I told him I was, which brought Mac’s attention to what was going on. 

“Have you fisted someone before?!?!?!?!?!?  Do you know what you’re doing?”  (This is one thing that I love about playing with Mac.  He’s a perv, but he’s not going to let anyone do anything stupid.)  Nick said that he had, but Mac still got up to see for himself what was going on.  He asked Nick a few questions about technique and being satisfied, turned his attention back to me. 

Before long ~ POOF ~ I was fisted.  It’s just the most incredible feeling.  I had no control over my body at all.  Nick was fisting me slowly, turning his hand a little and pumping a little.  I was thrashing around, coming all over him, grasping at Mac, practically speaking in tongues in between kisses.  Mac was asking me questions that I couldn’t answer.  All the sudden, I needed the hand out of me.  But as soon as Nick took it out, I wanted it back.   I managed to communicate that and we were back at it.  It’s a feeling like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.   The stretch, the intense pleasure, the intimacy…  it’s mind blowing.  It was all the more so b/c there were two men, rather than one.  I was cumming and being stroked and kissed and nibbled.  I was worshipped. 

“Mac…” I gasped “I want you in me.  Please.”

“Are you SURE?”

“Uh-huh.  PLEASE.” 

“You’re positive?”

“Mac, I’m positive!”

He started working his fingers inside me.  He kept asking me if I was OK.  I was.  As many times as we’d tried, this was finally going to happen.  I held Mac’s hand and we locked eyes.  Nick stepped back, probably sensing that there was something intense going on.  Mac asked me if I was ready.  I squeezed his hand and nodded frantically.  More and more and more…

Then finallu Mac pushed his whole hand in my pussy and for the first time was able to keep it there.  I gasped.  We smiled at each other, a little surprised.  He moved his hand gently and kept asking me if I was OK.  Finally, I exploded.  As many orgasms as I’d had that nite, this was the one that finished me.  I probably looked like I was having a seizure.  Every movement was totally involuntary.  All I could do was clutch Mac’s spare hand and hold on for the ride.  It was insane.  When the orgasm finally subsided, we just laid there, him still inside me.  I couldn’t believe that we’d finally done it.   I couldn’t believe how intense it was.  I was amazed.  It was perfect.  I was a bit shocked at how emotionally tied to him I felt in the moment, but it began to make sense and all I could do was smile and try to catch my breath. 

And with that, the nite ended.


What it’s all about

August 17, 2008

I LOVE sex.  That’s all there is to it.  All kinds of sex with all kinds of people.  This is where I’m putting the stories.